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Created to immerse our guests in an authentic Costa Rica rural mountain experience, Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Tour takes you back to a simpler time, far from the stressful life of the modern world. Life in the jungle-covered slopes of the Central Pacific Mountains revolves around an agricultural tradition and the simple adventures of hiking, waterfall swimming, and exploring the Cloudmaker Nature Reserve.

You’ll delight in the village hospitality, enjoy delicious local food prepared in the traditional ways of the Costa Rican Campesinos, and drink deeply of that most elusive commodity in our busy, hectic world — genuine relaxation overlooking the panoramic coastline of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Tour Activities

Country excurtion

Part of the adventure is the experience of traveling through palm plantations gradually traversing up into the Mountain Wet Forest of Fila Chonta, overlooking the coastline of Manuel Antonio.

A village welcome

A warm welcome arrival at Santa Juana with fresh local coffee and “empanadas” made by the ladies of the village. Enjoy the spectacular vistas of Cloudmaker Nature Reserve where rivers are born of pristine mountain springs.

Conservation programs

With over 10,000 native trees planted and cared for by Greentique programs, guests will receive Tree Adoption Certificates for their support of conserving priceless watershed and for helping to sustain the local Costa Rican rural culture.

Rural culture

The emphasis on Rural/Agro Tourism instills an awareness and appreciation for both the local traditions and harmony with the natural environment that directly benefits the community who are the stewards of their natural and cultural values and pride.

Trapiche demonstration

Going back in time, part of the rural experience is learning about the traditions of the sugar cane process where massive oxen powered the milling of sugar cane as one of Costa Rica’s important exports along with coffee and bananas of the last century.

Greentique guided trails

With the passion and expertise of Greentique Certified Guides to accompany guests throughout their tour, the opportunity to learn about natural remedies of flora and to spot the many species of tropical birds along user-friendly jungle trail are part of the adventure and discovery of this memorable tour.

Rio rodeo waterfalls

The trail gradually reveals the Rio Rodeo, inviting everyone to experience a refreshing plunge into the cool crystal waterfall pools that will energize you whole surrounded by a variety of countless shades of green and rainbow colored jungle flora.

Tilapia ponds & oasis gardens

From the waterfall the trail soon ends at Oasis Gardens, where guests can completely relax by the river, and perhaps try their luck at fishing for Tilapia in ponds fed by mountain streams providing fresh fish as part of the local menu.

Rancho mirador campensino lunch

Last but not least the invitation to a traditional Campesino lunch while taking in the panoramic vistas and signing up for a Tree Adoption Certificate in appreciation for supporting the ongoing programs of Greentique Tours with the community of Santa Juana.

Tour map